How Much Does McDonalds Pay an Hour?


The amount McDonald's pay an hour will depend on the position, the location and the experience one has. The average pay rate for an hourly part-time employee at McDonald's in 2012 is $8.43.  The average pay rate for a full time employee at McDonald's in 2012 is $10.02.
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it depends on the area you live in. Some areas pay $10 per hour or more. However, in more rural areas, the hour wage may be less.
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The employee pay rate ay McDonalds depends on where you live. In Alabama new employees start pay rate is between $6.00 - $8.00 hourly. Most McDonalds in northern states pay rate is
It varies by the city, state and nation. It also varies by the job, such as cashier versus assistant manager. In general, you may assume that the hourly pay will be a bit above minimal
It's basically minimum wage, but differs from state to state.
1. Check your pay stub to see the number of hours you are being paid for, and divide the total pay by the number of hours. Use the gross pay, not the net pay after deductions, to
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