How Much does Merry Maids Pay?


Merry Maids, depending on where they are located, pays around $8.00 to $10.00 an hour. Merry Maids can typically clean around 3 houses a day, on a regular day.
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7.85 an hour. after 3 hours it doubles :D.
Total investment is around $24.8K-57.5K with franchise fee around $21K to $29K… Demand for cleaning services, such as maids, have been
The maid of honor is responsible for the cost of her own wedding attire, including the dress, shoes and accessories. All members of the wedding party are expected to pay their own
2700 Pecan St West Suite 101, Pflugerville,, TX
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Merry Maids is a maid cleaning service in the US. Merry Maids tend not to send the same made each time to your house so the general consensus is that there is ...
Merry maids charge about 80 dollars however this depends on what is to be cleaned, the location and the size of the house. However merry maids aren't good to use ...
Merry Maids does not list any prices. Each home is different based on what you want cleaned, pets, and the size of your home. Contact the Merry Maids location ...
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