How Much does Monroe Piercing Cost?


A monroe piercing will cost you around $40 or so, depending on the jewelry you get. A typical stud will only cost you around $10 or so, but the more you spend on jewelry, the more the piercing will cost.
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Depending on which place you go to, it's about $25- $60. I'm getting mine today and I'm so excited! Good luck! Depending on which place you go to, it's about $25- $60. I'm getting
1. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap. 2. Place your thumb and forefinger into your mouth, touching the flat back of the labret piercing. This will be somewhere above your upper
A Monroe piercing usually cost about 35 bucks depending on where you go.
Cost around $5.0, but it different to the type of labret you gonna to pierce. But if you buy large quanity from the original factory, it's much cheaper Source(s): Original body jewelry
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