How much does Nicole Richie weigh?


Nicole Richie is an American fashion designer, an author and a television personality as well. Nicole weighs 43kg, according to Famous magazine Australia. It is said that she is seeking medical help concerning the inability to gain weight.
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well she was only 100lbs give or take when she got pregnant and you're suppose to gain at least 30lbs....but she's not about to burst yet so I doubt she weighs more than 120 right
Last reports are that Nicole Richie, at 5 feet tall, weighs 6 stone 2lbs. She is currently on a weight gain process to get some weight back.
I would guess at her thinnest (2001-03) she is around 105-110 at her heaviest 130 (1990-93, 2004,05) Pregnancy not configured in this estimate.
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