How Much Does Notary Service Cost?


How much it costs to use a notary service depends on where you live and what kind of business notarized your document. Typically notary service is free of charge, if someone charges for the service it can range from a couple of dollars to $10 as of 2012.
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1. Research the requirements to become a notary in your state and fill out any applications and paperwork required for you to obtain your license. In some states, you must study a
It is about $10 at kinko's.
Notary services provide notarization and authentication services for federal documentation that requires different departments authorization. Try calling your local notary public
If you just need the notary stamp and signature, call your bank. All banks must have a notary on staff and they will often do it for free for their customers or a small fee. Our bank
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A notary public cost between $10-$25 depending on what needs to be signed. A single signature is least expensive. You will need your license and sometimes a social ...
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Prices for notary services vary from notary to notary. The general and acceptable rate is $5 per page. ...
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