How much does Nutrisystem cost per month?


Nutrisystem plans cost between $239 and $329 per month for women and $269 and $359 for men for the standard plan offerings. They also have diabetic and custom plans that range a little higher in terms of price.

Nutrisystem also offers customers the option to customize plans based on their metabolism, activity level and even specific food preferences or eating habits. The monthly plans include 28 days of food and often include free samples or even a free week of food as a special offer or introductory promotion to new product. The shipments arrive weekly with the first order shipping 4 to 10 business days after the company receives the first payment.

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Nutrisystem weight loss program can cost a person anywhere from $200.00 a month to $395.00. This includes all your meals for 30 days delivered right to your door. The food is attractively
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