How Much Does One Gallon of Crude Oil Weigh?


Light sweet crude (the grade of oil usually traded in the commodities markets due to its low level difficulty in gasoline) has an API gravity of 34 degrees to 41 degrees for foreign delivery. The formula given therefore translates to between 0.855 and 0.820 (per liter) translating to 3.785 liters which is equivalent to 3.104 and 3.236 kg (7lbs) per gallon of light sweet crude.
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About 7 pounds per gallon.
Crude oil price: $77.70 per barrel. 1 Barrel = 42 Gallons; 1 gallon of crude
A standard barrel of crude oil is equivalent to 42 US gallons (34.972 Imperial gallons or 158.987 L).
Crude oil is traded worldwide as US Barrels at 42 Gallons per Barrel. Some barrels of other liquids in the UK (Imperial) come as 55gal/bbl. (or Drum) (When Gasoline or Diesel is pumped
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