How Much Does One Gallon of Propane Weigh?


The total density of propane is 0.493 per cubic meter, that is, when converted it will be 4.11lbs. Therefore, a propane weighs 4.2lbs per US gallon.
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Propane weighs about 4.11 pounds per gallon, so 3,000 gallons would...
Answer Seawater has a density of about 1.025 g/mL (it will be more dense at the deepest depths though). There are about 3785 mL in one gallon, so one gallon of seawater has a mass
This is actually not very difficult to figure out. [1] [1] Yes, I realize weight ! mass but for the purposes of this set of equations, it'll suit. Not for Reproduction.
About 7.15 pounds The density of No. 2 diesel fuel is 850 grams/liter = 1.874 pounds/liter = 7.15 pounds per US gallon. Regular gasoline is considerably less dense: 6.0 to 6.3 pounds
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