How Much does Opal Cost?


Opal is the gemstone for October. The price for opals differs on the quality and cut, so a opal can cost you from $75.00 to $225.00 per ounce.
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Opals cost differently by the cut and qulity. Mainly the Opal, which is the gemstone for October, can cost from $75.00 to $225.00 per ounce. Of course how large the stone how much more the cost.
The cost of the gem Opal can differ greatly depending in the size and the rarity of it. The least inexpensive and common ones run about $50.00 with the most expensive rare one at fifty-thousand dollars.
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a pink opal costs $200,000,000.
There is a wide variety of opal gem stones, which all vary in pricing. Black opals
Whenever the miner finds a truly great parcel, he knows it. Even from the edges of the stones, the fire and color are obvious. These parcels are usually small, but sell on the field
Like all gemstones, opal will vary in price with the quality of the stone. Diamonds will vary too, but there is broader knowledge about the relative difference in diamond qualities
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Opal is one of many precious stones that have been discovered in recent times. Opal was first found in the area of Coober Pedy, Australia, in 1915, and since then ...
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