How Much Does Popcorn Cost?


Popcorn costs vary depending on several different factors. Grocery stores usually sell popcorn for around $4.00 a box. A tin of gourmet popcorn can cost as much as $60.00 depending on the size of the tin and the vendor.
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Popcorn makers vary in price depending on the size, brand and style. They can be purchased online, with small models starting around $45 and larger models ranging $75 and up.
Well, let's say that the average bag of popcorn you buy at a grocery store contains approximately 100 kernals of popcorn. Let's also say that we are talking about a large popcorn
Orville Redenbacher's starts at $4 for a bottle of uncooked popcorn. Do the ChaCha!
With one variable: p = large popcorn cost. 9 - p = large drink cost. p + 2(9 - p) = 13. p + 18 - 2p = 13.1p = 13 - 18 = -5. p = 5. with 2 variables. p = popcorn\. d = drink. p + d
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Popcorn is a good source of fiber, especially insoluble fiber. A 4-cup serving of popped popcorn contains about 7 g of dietary fiber. The recommended daily value ...
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