How Much Does Publix Pay?


Publix starts you off paying at least $7.25 an hour or minimum wage. The amount you get depends on what position you work and how much experience you have.
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There is no definite answer to how much that Publix pays. This amount will depend on the position. It also will depend on one's experience and how long they have worked for the company. Starting pay for cashier's is usually $8.54, as of January 2013. Starting pay for Stock People is $9.81, as of January 2013.
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It depends on the position, however, baggers start at minimum wage. Other positions go up
Not very good lol but for you since you are only 14 years old its perfect, they only will give you like three days a week and they pay 7.50-7.25. Source(s) When i was young i worked
The amount Publix pays per hour depends on what position and how long you have been with them. If you are just starting out with them and working as a cashier or a bag boy then you
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How much Publix pays its employees will depend on the position, and whether they are full-time or part-time employees. The best source is the Publix website which ...
Publix is a chain of supermarkets based in Florida, with stores throughout the United States. Starting pay per hour depends on the state minimum wage. As of January ...
Publix is not a publicly shared stock. The stock is owned by the employees of the company. However, a share of stock in Publix was worth $22.50 during the third ...
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