How Much Does Replacing a Gas Furnace Cost?


Replacing a Gas Furnace Costs $3000, depending upon what you buy and who installs it since gas furnaces come in numerous diverse shapes and dimensions. A furnace for a 1,000 square-foot home-based will not cost as much as a furnace for a 3,000 square-foot two-story home.
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It's not exact but it's around $98-150.
The answer is entirely dependent upon the layout of your home, and how far away the nearest gas line is from where your stove is. You're going to have to pay a plumber with a gas
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The cost to replace a gas furnace depends on the type of gas furnace you have and the shape your ducts system is in if you have central heat. Pricing can be as low as $700 and go up to $7000. You can find more information at www. costhelper. com/cost/home-garden/furnace. html
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