How Much Does Salt Weigh?


Salt is known as the element called sodium and has an atomic weight or mass of 22.98977. Did you know if you throw salt in a flame, the flame will burn bright yellow?
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That would depend on what type of salt you are weighing and just how much salt you are weighing. A teaspoon of table salt weighs in at about six grams.
One cup of salt weighs 6.5 ounces and 190 grams.
I presume you actually mean 'What weighs more sugar or salt?' at the risk of being obvious, this depends on how much you have! one crystal of salt will weigh less than a bag full
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A teaspoon of salt can weigh different according to the type of salt it is. Regular table salt weighs around only 6 grams. Kosher salt varies in weight with the ...
On average, a grain of salt weighs about .064799 grams. If you would like the answer in kilograms, it is .000064799 kilograms. In Newtons, salt weighs 0.00063567819 ...
To know how much a cup of salt weighs, you need to know what kind of salt you will be using as the different types will have different weights. One cup of granulated ...
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