How much does Saturn weigh in pounds?


Saturn's mass, in pounds, is 1.25 times 10 to the 27th power. Because weight is a variable measurement dependent on gravitational pull, celestial bodies, such as Saturn, are described in terms of their mass instead of their weight.

Saturn is a little over 95 times as massive as Earth. Saturn's volume is 198 trillion cubic miles, making it 763 times more voluminous than Earth. Despite its massiveness, the planet's high volume measurement results in a planetary density that is only 0.125 times that of Earth. An object that weighed 100 pounds on Earth would weigh 107 pounds at Saturn's equator.

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The mass of the planet Saturn is 568.3E24 kg kilograms.
That is, Saturn weighs about 95.2 times the Earth's weight.
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