How Much Does Shaq Weigh?


Shaquille O'Neal or Shaq is reported on the NBA website as weighing in at 325 pounds. His height is listed at 7 foot, 1 inch tall.
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According to, Shaq is 7'1" / 2,16 mtr and weighs in at 340 lbs / 154.2 kg.
Phoenix Suns center Shaquille O'Neal is 7'1" and weighs 325 lbs. Cha Cha On!
Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal's listed weight is 325 lbs. He is 7 feet 1 inch tall. He was born on March 6, 1972 in Newark, New Jersey. report this answer. Updated on Monday, February
Standing at 7' 1" tall, Shaq weighs 325 lbs. Source(s) Wikipedia.
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Shaquille O'Neal weighted 7 pounds and 6 ounces when he was born. That weight is average for children born. ...
A Shaq rookie card could be worth an upwards of $80.00. However, if the card is in bad condition then it will just be worth a couple bucks. ...
NBA basketball player Shaquille O'Neal's feet are 16 inches long. His shoe size is 23. In addition, he is 7 feet 1 inch tall and weighs about 325 pounds. ...
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