How Much Does Sky Sports Cost?


For new Sky subscribers, a Sky television with Sky Sports costs £40 per month, while subscribers who already have pre-existing Sky TV subscription will only be charged £20 per month for the Sky Sports. Moreover, if the subscriber want to avail the HD packs (£10.25 per month), the over all cost including the Sky Sports would be around £35.25 - £55.35 per month. For inquiries call 08442 411 818 or drop by at
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Sky Sports, which is a programming service offered by Sky, has costs that vary depending on location and even the current bundle that you have. On average, it costs £22.99 a month. To learn more about costs, click here:
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Sky Sports 1 costs £22.99 a month, the cheapest price in the market for access to a TV-only service. ...
Sky Sports channel package is available for 22 Pounds per month on Freeview. It offers a variety of sport channels. ...
The price to get Sky Sports will depend on your location and your cable television provider. For more information, visit their official website ...
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