How Much Does Stem Cell Research Cost?


For stem cell research, it is estimated that upwards of 4 trillion dollars a year are spent on research. Many people have put their faith in stem cell research for curing diseases, paralysis and even cancers. Many states are donating between 3-15 million dollars to embryonic stem cell research, and they state that is not enough money to fully fund it.
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Around $3 billion. Maybe more, but I heard that Texas is trying to find a cure for cancer by using stem cell research.
The NIH spent $88 million on embryonic stem cell research in fiscal...
There is no real answer to this as there are so many variables that can change the cost. For example, is the research being done internally, sending a questionnaire to customers from
I am not certain that this is correct, but I would assume that anyone who sees a direct connection between the United States Constitution and stem cell research is referring to the
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There have different amounts that it would cost to do stem cell research. The cheapest would be around 200 thousand dollars just get eggs from a cloned egg cell.
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