How Much Does Stem Cell Research Cost?


For stem cell research, it is estimated that upwards of 4 trillion dollars a year are spent on research. Many people have put their faith in stem cell research for curing diseases, paralysis and even cancers. Many states are donating between 3-15 million dollars to embryonic stem cell research, and they state that is not enough money to fully fund it.
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How much is embryonic stem cell research?
Do you mean how the research works or how stem cells work? A stem c...
There is no real answer to this as there are so many variables that can change the cost. For example, is the research being done internally, sending a questionnaire to customers from
I honestly don't know and I asked my professor right now and he doesn't know either ... and he is a pro in Embryonic Stem cells. But I do harvest them every week for my experiments
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There have different amounts that it would cost to do stem cell research. The cheapest would be around 200 thousand dollars just get eggs from a cloned egg cell.
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