How Much Does Target Pay Their Employees?


The amount Target pays their employees depends on the employee's position and the amount of hours the employee works. As of 2012, a cashier can earn anywhere from $6.00 an hour up to $12.00 per hour.
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Target pays their employees different depending on their job titles. They pay around $8.25 an hour, but offer their employees insurance.
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How much Target pays their employees varies greatly. The pay will depend on the location of the store, as well as the employee's position. ...
As of December 2012, Target usually starts their employees' pay at around $8.20 per hour. Team leaders can make about $14.50 per hour. ...
The pay rate at Target depends on the employee's job and the state they live in. Cashiers should expect to make around $8 per hour upon first starting. ...
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