How Much Does Termite Treatment Cost?


There are many different types of treatments of termites. The price for a treatment of termites could range from 1200.00 to 3000.00 dollars depending the square footage of your home and what kind of treatment you get. There are these types of treatments: Chemical extermination, bait extermination, fumigation, heat extermination and electro-gun. You can find more information here:
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Termite inspection and rates vary from the size of the houses and the amount of fume that will be used so it is impossible to give a quote. Visit this website:
1. Scrub the outside of the termite-treatment hole and the area around it with a wire brush to remove any loose dirt, dust and debris. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. 2.
Every home will be different and ask 10 different companies you may get 10 different answers. If it was a monolithic slab foundation without much drilling I would start around $650-
The Aesthetic Beauty Center in the UK quoted £2800-£3500. Embed Quote
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A termite treatment consists of drilling into the foundation of a house and inserting chemicals to kill the termites. The cost for termite treatment varies depending ...
Treatment at the Boston medical group varies depending on individual treatment program for example they charge 700 dollars for medicine made by them plus and 95 ...
Each situation requires assessment due to unique problems that may be encountered such as replacing rotten timbers or those that have been infected by termites ...
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