How Much Does the 1898 E Pluribus Unum One Dollar Coin Is Worth?


The range is very wide on the value based on the mint, condition and whether or not it is actually silver. The low end would be about $18 and the high end could be as much as $2000.
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American 1898 Coins. That depends on which coin it is - you could have a US nickel, quarter, half, or dollar with that motto on it. Then, the mintmark will make a difference. The
As you've already been told, there weren't any dollars made in 1822. Look on the reverse of the coin, at the bottom-does it say "50 C" If so, it's a half dollar. If it's
Need to know the denomination, mintmark, and condition. This motto is on
1891 E Pluribus Unum will depend on its condition. No mintmark: $35. "CC" mintmark: $250. "O" mintmark: $90. "S" mintmark: $35. report this answer. Updated
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