How much does the average American woman weigh?


According to data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in November 2012, the average American woman weighs 166.2 pounds. She is also 63.8 inches tall. The same data from the CDC indicates that the average American man weighs 195.5 pounds, and he is 69.3 inches tall.

Americans are heavier than they were in 1960. In that year women weighed an average of 140.2 pounds, which means that the weight of the average American woman has risen 26 pounds between 1960 and 2012. The weight of the average American man was 166.3 pounds in 1960, which means that the weight of American men has increased by 29.3 pounds.

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The average American man over the age of 20 weighs 194.7 pounds. The average American woman is 164.7 pounds. To see the average weight of those under 20, use the dropdown below.
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