How Much Does the Average Mountain Lion Weigh?


The Average Mountain Lion Weigh it varies in weight from about 53 to 72 kilograms (115 to 160 pounds) for the males, and from about 35 and 49 kg (75 and 105 lb) for the females. Some males hold, in rare cases, weighed in at in excess of 120 kg (260 lb).
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Adult male mountain lions weighs an average of 150 pounds and females weigh an average of 90 pounds!
The average weight of a mountain lion is 80-230 pounds.
The male can weigh as much as 200 pounds, but most average 120-150 pounds. Females are around two thirds as heavy, weighing up to 110 pounds.
Depends on the sub species. Large males can be average of 150-250 Kg. Females average about 125 Kg.
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