How Much Does the Blue Whale Weigh?


The blue whale, which is the largest whale and animal on earth, can easily weigh up to 172 metric tons. They are also very long and average about 108 feet in length. You can find more information here:
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A lot! Blue whales are the largest animals on Earth, growing up to 100 feet in length and weighing as much as 150 tons. A blue whale's heart alone is the size of a small car.
195 tons is the largest successfully weighed female Blue Whale. That's 177 metric tons for those who count "metrically".
Whales are weighed by determining by the water level after the whale has entered
Walker's 1975 Mammals of the World pegs it at 110 metric tonnes, although that seems an outdated estimate - I've seen more recent mentions of it at 158 metric tonnes. Regardless of
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The blue monsters tongue weighs 2.7 tons or 5900-6000 lbs. (2700 kgs). The blue monster is the major recognized creature to ever exist on the earth bigger even ...
Blue whales, which are not only the largest whale but also the largest living animal, can weigh in on average at 172 metric tons while reaching lengths of 108 ...
A whales weight can vary depending on what kind of whale it is. For example, blue whales are the largest known whales in the ocean that can reach up to lengths ...
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