How Much Does the Fattest Kid in the World Weigh?


The world's heaviest or fattest child is a 7 year old girl named Jessica Gaude. She weighs 400 pounds equivalent to 225 kilograms. Her consumption of food in a single day equals what some children eat in half a year.
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The world's heaviest child is a 7 year old girl
Seven-year-old Jessica Gaude weights 222kg. shes the worlds fattest legal child.
Carol Yager was the fattest woman in the world until her death in 1994. She weighed 1189 pounds.
The Guinness World Records has Manuel Uribe Garza as the largest
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Seven-year-old Jessica Gaude is the fattest kid in the world weigh 222 kilograms. Jessica cardiovascular system is at risk, she eats 10,000 calories a day. She ...
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