How much does the Honda Asimo cost?


As of March 2014, according to Popular Mechanics, the Honda Asimo costs just under $1 million to purchase. Rental fees for the humanoid robot are around $100,000.

The Honda Asimo measures 4 feet 3 inches tall, and is an incredibly advanced piece of technology. It runs at speeds up to 4 mph, and it has the ability to recognize faces and voices. Asimo can climb stairs and grasp objects. It also comes equipped with multiple sensors that keep it from running into obstacles in its environment. Although the Asimo comes with a wide array of useful features and skills, it is unlikely to ever have widespread appeal due to its high price.

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You can not buy an Asimo. If you could, it would cost about $2,500,000. But
As much as an "entry level car"
An ASIMO from Honda costs about 650,000 euros. If you are lucky you can find a great deal and rent it for around $20,000 per day.
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