How much does the Jenny Craig program cost?


Jenny Craig program goes for averagely 725 dollars per month depending the meals, snacks, and supplements you order. It also depends on whether you choose to avoid expensive shipping charges by picking up your food at a Jenny Craig location if you can access one.
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You can lose 20 pounds for 20 dollars, but that does not include the price of food, which is about $85-100 a week. There is also a membership cost that changes like every few months
The jenny Craig cost of food can be anything between $12 to $18 for a day.
quite a bit.... supposing you enroll during their "free" enrollment period, the food alone for the 3-4 week period is around $350. And the food is to be supplemented with
Lose 20 pounds for $20, plus the cost of food (which is about $85-100 per week). Membership costs change every few months, so check with their web site for the latest price. webanswers
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