How Much Does the M60 Weigh?


The weight of a M60 depends on the year, accessories, load, and type of M60. The original average M60 ways about 23 pounds. The newest variant of the M60E4 and its sub-variants weigh about 10 pounds depending on the barrel that is on it.
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enough to crush every single last bone in your body: im guessing somewhere around 5-10 tons. think about that, a giant gun on the top with a huge engine.
The M60 machine gun weighs 23.15 pounds. The gun retails for $6,000.
The M60 is the Patton while the M1 is the Abrams. The M60 Patton can weigh between 50-60 tons depending on the model and features. The M1 Abrams will weigh between 65-70 tons depending
wait, where did you find that question? is this a joke? All you did was practically answer your own question.
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