How much does the pack of cigarettes cost in pa?


Depends on the brand. I buy the cheapies and they are about $4.75 a pack. Premiums are about $6. I live in the city of Philadelphia, and the tax is higher. If you can, you are better off buying cartons in Delaware. I'm currently visiting my folks in
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A price for a pack of cigarettes is going to vary based on the location you buy them from and the brand you are purchasing. The average price is around five dollars.
Cigarettes prices for Pennsylvania not
At the Five Points Bottle Shop in Athens, GA, the cost of a box
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Cigarette's in Pennsylvania are actually less expensive than in the surrounding states such as NJ and NY. A pack of cigarette's can run about $6.00 in PA. ...
The cost of cigarettes is way too much,and varies from state to state, at the present time in Florida the average price is around $6.00. Too much for a bad habit ...
A pack of cigarettes cost 60 cents in 1975, in Philadelphia, Pa. ...
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