How Much Does Titanium Cost Per Ounce?


Titanium costs about one dollar, and seventy three cents per ounce. The cost for 100 grams of titanium is only six dollar, and ten cents. You can find more information here:
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Cost breakdown in recent years: 2003. $11.50/pound. 2004. $12.34/pound. 2005. $25.49/pound. Titanium price is determined by alloy, quantity, configuration and the specification it
In today's market an ounce os silver costs $18.10. There can be daily fluctuations though, so you should check the prices often. There's a great website called Quote Silver that you
Titanium cost about $2.48 per kilo gram or $1.13 per pound.
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Titanium costs roughly around $8. 00 per ounce. Not in high demand titanium is considered a precious metal, just not as precious as gold or silver. ...
Titanium costs around eight to ten cents per gram. Titanium is a very strong, low density metal. It is commonly used in the manufacture of aircraft. ...
Titanium per grams costs around $6.01. Titanium is the 9th most precious metal. Titanium is found in the earth's crust and is extremely hard to get to. ...
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