How Much Does Titanium Cost Per Ounce?


Titanium costs about one dollar, and seventy three cents per ounce. The cost for 100 grams of titanium is only six dollar, and ten cents. You can find more information here:
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Cost breakdown in recent years: 2003. $11.50/pound. 2004. $12.34/pound. 2005. $25.49/pound. Titanium price is determined by alloy, quantity, configuration and the specification it
Titanium cost about $2.48 per kilo gram or $1.13 per pound.
1-4 employees =1000 per month. 5-9 employees: $155 per employee. Implementation: $2,000+ plus competitive pricing for benefits. Source: nswers/.
The average nationwide cost of pure vanilla extract per ounce is 66
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