How Much Does Tom Brady Make a Year?


Tom Brady is the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots. Tom Brady makes $18 million a year in salary, having signed a four year contact extension in 2010. It is estimated that he makes about $10 million a year from endorsements. That would bring his total annual income to about $28 million.
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Tom Brady makes an annual income of $29 million. He is a quarter back for The New England Patriots and has endorsement deals with Sirius, Visa and Nike. For more information about Tom Brady, visit:
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Tom Brady is off the market, he has been seeing his long time girlfriend Giselle Bundchen the supermodel for over two years. It is unconfirmed but very obvious that they are expecting
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He attended the 2000 NFL Combine where he was scouted out by Patriots quarterback coach Dick Rehbein. Rehbein recommended drafting Brady to the Patriots.
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Tom Brady is an NFL quarterback for the New England Patriots. His annual salary is 26.5 million dollars. Tom Brady is estimated to be worth 100 million dollars. ...
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Tom Brady is the quarterback for the New England Patriots. His total net worth is over $100 million. Tom Brady makes about $6.5 million dollars per season. ...
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