How Much Does Vinyl Fencing Cost?


Prices for vinyl fencing varies due to height, style, design, labor costs, material costs, and difficulty of installation. The average cost of the fencing is around 25-45 dollars per linear feet installed. For a more accurate estimate contact a fencing company.
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I just had a 14ft double vinyl gate installed on my driveway, a side gate and 75' of 18" privacy addition to my existing 5' brick back yard fence for $4,450. It was a lot more
1. Measure the distance between the posts before you tamp dirt around them. Use a carpenter's level to make sure each post is plumb as well. This ensures that you have the proper
1. Prepare the ground for the fence. Remove any bushes, plants, trees or stationary objects that are in the way. Call the local utility diggers hotline to have all underground lines
They are sold in sections. Typically the cheapest is around $60 for a 5 foot
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