How Much Does Zyrtec Cost?


How much Zyrtec will cost can vary on whether it is pills or liquids. The price for pills tend to be around $19.99. The liquid can vary on the bottle size from as low as $7.99 a bottle.
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90 x 10mg Tablets for $22 is the cost of Zyrtec. Buy from
At most local drug stores I see Zyrtec, 30 pills for about $18 to $22. The 45 count is normally $25-$30. The Zyrtec web page offers a $2 off coupon, and they will email you them if
Average reported monthly cost: Average reported monthly cost When rating treatments, users are asked to let us know if their insurance covered the treatment and what their estimated
OTC ZYRTEC can cost up to one-third less than the co-pay for prescription antihistamines.** So not only can you rely on OTC ZYRTEC to provide effective 24-hour relief, you can rely
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