How Much Dose It Cost at Petland If You Get a Hamster and All It?


If you get the actual hamster and it's start up kit, it will cost you approximately $80.00. Take into account it costs an additional $20.00 or so per month for upkeep.
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It depends on the type of hamster. Generally Syrians cost $14.99-19.99. And dwarfs cost $12.99-19.99. U can get dwarfs like ROBOROVSKI's for even $10 from your local breeder from
Pet prices at Petland is not published online. Hamsters typically cost $10 - $20. Please call Petland (401 N. Randall Rd. Batavia, IL 60510) at T: 630-761-1047.
Anywhere from $5-15 for a Hamsters. The mice are dirt cheap , probably less than $5.
Amazon has a Hamster Resort Cage on sale for $39.79. It is colorful & a complete home for
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