How Much Dry Macaroni Equals Cooked Macaroni?


Dry macaroni will be equal to as much as double it's size when cooked. One cup of dry macaroni is the equivalent of 2 cups of cooked macaroni. A one cup serving of cooked macaroni can be made with 1/2 cup of dry macaroni.
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About 1 cup uncooked.
To cook macaroni and cheese you start by boiling 1 pound of elbow macaroni noodles. Once the noodles are cooked add 2 cups of velveta cheese to the hot drained noddles and you have
1. Put water to boil and drop your Macaroni. Boil it until macaroni becomes tender. Or it's up to you how cook you want the macaroni would be. 2. When you think macaroni is cooked
6 cups of dry macaroni cooked will yield about 1.5 pounds. Thank
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