How Much Dry Parsley Equals Fresh Parsley?


The general rule of thumb when substituting dry herbs for fresh is to use only a third of the amount called for. For example, if a recipe called for a cup of fresh parsley, you would use 1/3 cup dried parsley. This works because much of a plant is water. When you dry the parsley, you remove the extra moisture and condense the plant without removing any of its potency.
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1. Gather parsley from your herb garden. 2. Cut the parsley with your food scissors into smaller bunches. 3. Bunch up your parsley into groups of three. Tie the three bunches together
1 tsp. dried parsley. = 1 tbsp. fresh parsley.
You should use about 1 teaspoon dried herbs for every
1/8 cup. Don't worry about adding too much parsley as it is something that doesn't really add any flavor to any dish but it makes it look good. The rule of thumb for dried herbs is
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