How Much Electricity Does a Ceiling Fan Use?


A ceiling fan uses about 55 watts of electricity on average if it is running at a high speed. The amount of power used however depends on the size of the fan's mortar, and the speed at which the fan is running.
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1. Cut power to the existing ceiling fixture, at the fuse box of the house. 2. Take off the old fixture by removing the screws that hold it to the ceiling, lowering it enough to get
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Knowing how to balance a ceiling fan can help you avoid having a wobbly, noisy fan. Nothing is more annoying or distracting than a ceiling fan that refuses to run properly and squeaks
1. Position a sturdy chair, stepladder or a ladder underneath your ceiling fan. 2. Ask an assistant to hold the stepladder or other object steady while you switch the fan blades.
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On average a ceiling fan uses about 0.5 kilowatts per hour. You can buy the energy saver ones or not use it on high and it can be less.
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