How Much Electricity Does a Computer Use?


A typical desktop computer uses about 65 to 250 watts.It really depends on what kind of computer it is, how much you use it, and your local rate for electricity
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How Much Electricity Does a Computer Use?
You may be curious about how much your computer use adds to your electricity bill each year. This largely depends on what kind of computer you have and how you use it. Concentrating on heating and cooling issues in your home is more likely to save you... More »
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All computers have labels that explain the wattage use on them. However the labels give a theoretical maximum of use, not the typical amount that they use. But the typical amount
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It's the most economical and easy thing to do... do really wanna feed your computer gas? Most of us have our computer on 24/7 (or at least the mac users that dont crash ;-)). Solar
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If you purchased your computer you can check the guide or the label on the power supply and it will tell you the approximate use. However the most desktop computers ...
The hourly use of electricity by computers is determined by the type of computer and the connected peripheral devices. Typical desktops use about 65 to 250 watts ...
An average desktop computer uses about 65 to 250 watts, while a laptop uses about 16 to 60 watts. However, these values are not constant because, power consumption ...
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