How Much Electricity Does It Take to Boil a Kettle?


It takes about 2 kWh of electricity to boil water in a kettle. This is exceptionally low and takes much less electricity than other cooking methods.
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It is not dependant on voltage. Kettles are made in various voltages. 240v in the UK, 110v in the USA and they even make 12v kettles for vehicles. The amount of work required to boil
These seem very low wattages. Are you sure? Mine is 3KW. The higher the wattage the faster the boil and the more electricity used. My 3KW one takes about four minutes for a full boil
A 2000 Watt Kettle uses 2000 Joules per hour, so would be ~200 Joules to boil once. This is 0.556 kWh of electricity currently costing about 0.417p in UK
I don't quite understand your question, maybe you can clarify? I can
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After switching on a Russell Hobbs Satin Montana Kettle Model No. 14150 which is rated as a 3kW kettle, it will start drawing power and will use between 2.81kW and 2.87kW for the first 6 seconds. Boiling a full kettle requires 0.16kWh which is about 2pence while a cup will only take 0.03kWh which is 0.4 pence.
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