How Much Electricity does the Average Family Use?


In 2008, 920 kWh per month of energy were used by the average family in the United States. Because of the differences in prices of energy by area and even by time of day, there's no sure way to find an average cost.
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The average electric bill in the united states would be $95.66. There are many ways to take steps to reduce your electricity bill. Are you one of these people.
About S$700. For a family of 5 will be like $1000 already!
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The amount of electricty used by each house is going to vary based on the size and the various things being used that require electricity, such as appliances. On average a 1,600 -
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The average electric bill depends on the supply and demand in your area. Places with competing providers often have better pricing per kilowatt hour. In my area ...
The avarage price of an annual electricity bill varies with type and size of property.The avarage price for a i bedroom flat is £ 670, two bedroom falt is ...
The cost of an electric bill depends on many different factors. Homes that are larger with many rooms typically use more electricity. It also depends on how ...
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