How much energy is used playing badminton?


The amount of energy burned playing badminton for one hour ranges from 388 to 603 calories for men and 366 to 518 calories for women, according to Diet & Fitness Today. These figures are based on a 190-pound man and a 163-pound woman playing the social sport up to the highest levels of competitive badminton. The amount of calories burned depends on age, weight and activity level.

A person weighing 130 pounds expends 266 calories per hour playing badminton. NutriStrategy explains that a 155-pound person goes through 317 calories in 60 minutes. A 205-pound person burns 419 calories in one hour of badminton.

Diet Bites breaks down the calorie-burning chart even further. For 15 minutes, a person weighing 105 pounds burns 69 calories, whereas a 250-pound person goes through 165 calories over the same span. According to CalorieLab, competitive badminton players expend an average of 102 calories in 15 minutes and 408 minutes in one hour. Social badminton, singles or doubles, burns 60 calories in 15 minutes and 238 calories in an hour.

Players can figure their own caloric expenditures for badminton using a calculator provided by HealthStatus. Numbers of calories expended are based on age, weight, gender and time playing the sport. Users need to choose "Sports and Recreation" to input the time element of the calculation for badminton.

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