How Much Exercise Does a Labrador Require?


Labradors are generally active animals, and they need to stay active in order to stay healthy. It is recommended that you give a Labrador about 2 hours of exercise a day. This includes a 30 minute walk once or twice a day, playing time, and maybe a swim if possible.
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1. Play with your puppy. A game of tag or Frisbee on a sunny day is the perfect exercise. Left on its own, a Labrador retriever puppy that is not exercised may turn to destructive
Remember that these dogs were bred to hunt birds all day long, running, walking and swimming! This dog can probably outlast you, no matter how long you decide to walk. Labs need lots
walk it and play fetch at the least! feed it 900000000000lbs of food per week to maintain a healthy coat.
[I am not a doctor, etc. etc.] An old CrossFit Journal article* mentions that they knew of 5 cases in the CrossFit community. CrossFit is very intense by most people's standards (
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