How Much Extra Postage for a Square Envelope?


The extra postage needed for a square envelope varies with the size of the envelope. A4 envelopes vary in their pricing for example from A3 envelopes.  You need to add $.45 for each extra ounce.
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Letters are subject to a $0.20 surcharge if they are
The rates are posted on the USPS web site. Square envelopes are charged a "non machinable surcharge" in addition to regular postage. That surcharge is 20 cents for any piece
Square envelopes require extra postage because they need extra handling on the part of the Post Office. They can't go through the automatic sorting and cancelling machines because
Postcards and letters that weigh up until 1 ounce to Taiwan cost $0.98. Delivery time may vary. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 11:27PM EST. Source:
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