How much fabric do you need to make a toga?


To create a toga, an adult needs four to six yards of material. This is typically found at a fabric store. The yardage is adjusted depending upon height. A traditional toga is white, but some circumstances allow more individuality.

To assemble a toga, the fabric is held horizontally behind the wearer's back, and one end is pinned to the shirt or tunic worn under the garment. The fabric is wrapped from left to right once or twice around the waist, depending upon the wearer's girth, and pinned again. The free end is brought forward and draped over the left shoulder, with the extra material hanging down over the back. Pins are used to secure the fabric in place. A belt, cord, scarf or fancy pin is used to help fasten the toga at the waist.

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1. Select a sheet of fabric that is about 60 inches by 80 inches, or better yet, a twin bed sheet. Togas are normally white. 2. Wrap the sheet around your waist to create the skirt
The togas were made of wool. A nobleman's toga would be made of a finer, softer grade of wool than an ordinary citizen's toga.
Four Yards is good enough for a simple man's toga, or a
Any fabric store, buy something like rayon or a soft polyester, because they will drape nicely. Remember to buy a piece that is big, rectangle-shaped (the smaller, the less folds
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