How Much Fabric do You Need to Make a Toga?


If you are trying to make a toga out of fabric. Go to the fabric store and get at least 2 yards of fabric. You'll have to think about the size of your body and how much you want to cover.
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To make an adults sized toga you will need between four and five yards of fabric. You simply wrap it about the waist twice throw it over a shoulder and pin and your done.
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1. Select a sheet of fabric that is about 60 inches by 80 inches, or better yet, a twin bed sheet. Togas are normally white. 2. Wrap the sheet around your waist to create the skirt
The togas were made of wool. A nobleman's toga would be made of a finer, softer grade of wool than an ordinary citizen's toga.
Four Yards is good enough for a simple man's toga, or a
Any fabric store, buy something like rayon or a soft polyester, because they will drape nicely. Remember to buy a piece that is big, rectangle-shaped (the smaller, the less folds
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