How Much Feet of Fence Is Needed to Fence an Acre of Ground?


The number of lineal feet it takes to fence an acre of ground depends on the dimensions of the property. An acre is 43,560 square feet, which can be laid out many ways. If it is 10 feet wide by 4356 feet long, it would take 8732 feet of fence.
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Fence contractors use LF (Linear Feet) measurements which are taken by using a measuring wheel and measuring the perimeter (fence line) of the property. Locate your nearest fence
Acre's a measurement of square area.It doesn't have specific perimeter.If acre is a square,you'll need less fencing. If it's a long rectangle, you'll need more.
What I need to put fence posts every 20 feet around a square 2 acre patch of ground.
If the original acre was in a square that would be approximately 210 feet on each side and you want to fence exactly half of it you would need approximately 640 feet of fencing. That
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