How Much Fiber does Celery have?


In one stalk of celery there is one gram of fiber. It also has 10 calories and two grams of calcium. As opposed to a small baked potato has 4 grams of fiber.
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The amount of fiber in celery varies, depending on how much you eat. One-fourth of a cup of raw celery contains two grams of fiber. Including at least 25 grams of fiber each day can
>> 86 percent of it is fiber - This is correct. Almost none of the weight of celery comes from water.
One cup of celery or 120 grams, contains around 10 percent of the daily
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There is approximately 2 grams of fiber in a serving of celery. Try to get at least a daily consumption of 25 grams of fiber per day to reap the benefits of this ...
Celery contains 80.80 mg of sodium in one cup. There is also 16 calories, 0.70 grams of protein, 3 grams carbohydrates, and 1.4 grams of dietary fiber in one cup ...
Celery is very healthy for the body as it consist of multivitamins such as A, C, K,and B, and it also contains minerals, potassium and fiber. Celery is a good ...
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