How Much Force Can a Human Exert?


The average force a human can exert depends on many factors. It depends on the weight of the person, and the position and method that they are using to exert their force. It also depends on the average amount to force they usually exert.
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Depends on the weight, build, and amount of muscle a person has. For example, Brock Lesner can exert 3,000 pounds of pressure just from grounding pounding person while he's mounted
Sometimes called a "probabilistic load" or an "imposed load, this refers to the vehicles, animals or humans crossing or expected to be crossing the bridge. This helps
One human can suck at a rate of 35 pounds per square inch. Can't
The average human jaw is capable of as much biting pressure of 300 pounds per square inch. Wow!
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The amount of force that it takes to break a human bone is dependent upon which human bone. A small human bone can be broken with minimal force and a large human ...
How much force a person can exert will depend on their age, weight, and physical condition. A professional athlete can generate between 5,000 and 9,000 newtons ...
How much force is needed to break a bone varies depending on which bone. On average though, 9 pounds of direct force is needed to break most human bones. ...
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