How Much Force does It Take to Knock Someone Out?


Surprisingly the amount of force it would take to knock a person out with ta blow to the temple is 400 pounds. You can also punch a person out by punching them in the chin in which there is a main nerve that will knock them out.
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1. Make yourself ready by putting your weight on the balls of your feet and making two tight fists. Guard yourself and avoid any incoming blows while looking for your opening. 2.
Punching someone in the temple with 400 lbs of force can KO them. Or
1. Put your right leg forward (if you are going to strike with your left hand) Keep your knee slightly bent and your left leg back. Feel a loose bounce in the stance. Ad. 2. Bring
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The amount of force to knock someone out is about fouro hundred pounds of pressure to the temple. This is the easiest way to do it and does not need to cause a lot of head jerking. Only professional fighters should use this technique as this is very dangerous.
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