How Much Fruit Do I Need to Feed 100 People?


To feed 100 people fruit, you need 100 pieces or servings of fruit for one meal. For a balanced meal, they will also need vegetables, grain and protein. Plan also for water or water-based drinks.
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If friut is the size of an apple or orange you would need 100 pieces of fruit. If it is large such as watermelon, you would need about 10 large watermelons.
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A serving of fruit is one cup. To figure how much you will need for 100 people the general rule a caterer goes by is to make 1.5 per person. You will have some gusts that will not
You need 100 apples, 100 oranges, 100 Bananas and 20 watermelons and 40 Pineapples and 10kgs Grapes.
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