How Much Fuel Does a Car Burn While Idling?


About 3.02833 litters of fuel is used when car burn while idling. However this heavily depends on the type of car but that this the approximate fuel that it can be used.
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Most sources I've found on Honda 4-cylinder motors say about 0.1-0.2 gallons per hour, at ~0.1 idling at 600-800rpm (warmed up) and ~0.2 at 800-1100rpm (cold idle, A/C, extra load
Aproximately 0.8 gallons per hour is the average. Although all cars will be a little different.
During normal idling, the car’s onboard computer alters the air-to-fuel mixture to keep the engine running at low speed. An idle air control motor enables this process by regulating
It entirely depends on the type of diesel engine and the size.
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There is approximately one-tenth of a gallon of gas burned by a car when it is left idling for 30 minutes. It is always best to not leave a car idling if you are ...
The amount of gas a car will use while idling will depend on the car and the condition of the engine. Idling for any more than 30 seconds will use more gas than ...
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