How Much Fuel Does a Car Burn While Idling?


About 3.02833 litters of fuel is used when car burn while idling. However this heavily depends on the type of car but that this the approximate fuel that it can be used.
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Most sources I've found on Honda 4-cylinder motors say about. 0.1-0.2 gallons per hour. at ~0.1 idling at 600-800rpm (warmed up) and ~0.2 at 800-1100rpm (cold idle, A/C, extra load,
Depends on the motorycle, number of cyclinders, idle speed, engine modifications, exhaust modifications, intake modifications etc... not
Two minutes of idling consumes the same amount of gas needed to
.5-75gal an hour is what I'm going to guess. It will go up when the A/C is turned on (even on low) It will also increase if you select the defroster (same as turning on the A/C) Source
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