How Much Gemstones Worth?


The best way to determine the value of a gemstone is to have it appraised by two or three experts. In gemstones, the 4 'C's' are the determining factors when grading a stone, and to some extent those C's extend to crystals. Clarity, color, carat, and cut are the buzz words for gems. The age and material of the gem will determine its value.
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Depends on the gemstone. Many common ones are worth less that $2 per gram while Alexandrite in near perfect form snatches up to $250,000 per gram.
African garnet gemstones are worth around $2,000.
You could check out the website Every ruby there is natural, unheated and untreated and come at many different price points. Also, the descriptions are
The emerald, May's birthstone, is my favorite gemstone. Their cost depends on the size, color and clarity of the stone. A smaller stone may be more valuable than a larger one if the
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Antique gemstone globes would cost you anywhere between 59.95 pounds to 169.95 pounds depending on the size you're looking for. ...
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Like all gemstones, there's no set price for amethyst. There are many characteristics of the gemstone that determine what it's worth, like the color, size, and ...
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